CHANGE;; a timely topic


I have been enthusiastically reflecting  on CHANGE- the newest topic of the #saskedchat Summer Blogging Challenge.

When I think of change I equate it with opportunity.

This has been a year of great opportunity for me. I entered this year as a grade 1-2 teacher in a local community school, which wasn’t a different assignment for me, but I believe one of the many things I appreciate about our profession is that there is always opportunity and change with each new class of students, and really each new day.  We create routines, consistency, structure && safety in our classrooms yet encounter infinite possibilities for choice, change, and of course learning.

As role models of life long learning we must continue to stretch ourselves in our personal lives, and in our practice and pedagogy.

This year, I made a shift, or change, as I decided to focus more on inquiry and extending play-based learning from Kindergarten to Grades 1 && 2.  Implementing “Discovery Time”- scheduling large blocks of time for student-centred investigations, cooperative play and projects, && community excursions- meant changes for my classroom environment, planning && in some ways my perspective on learning and assessment.

From very early in the year my students were able to demonstrate interdependence in their play-based learning, which allowed me to focus on small group instruction- an area of balanced instruction that I was able to develop.

This year I was also presented the opportunity to become our schools Math Coach && to participate in different mentoring roles within my school division.  In turn, the majority of my professional growth has been in the area of math instruction and assessment && as a collaborator and catalyst.

Then enormous changes happened for me at the end of this school year…

I applied for a Kindergarten position!

At a new school!

&& I got it!

So it has been a summer of changing schools & classrooms, exploring a new curriculum, and all the other experiences that come with;
And these changes will mean an autumn of acquainting myself with a new staff, new school community, new students, and all the other experiences that come with…

I am excited.

Change can mean many things- mixed emotions, stress, work, challenges, experiences, it can mean altering roles and relationships, and it impacts all areas of life-
It can be different, a shift, it can lead to learning and growth- && opportunity.



2 thoughts on “CHANGE;; a timely topic

  1. Adrian Whitstone

    Good to hear that your that your embracing change, as I too am changing grades, I am going fr gr1 to gr4, I am looking forward to the school year…take care and have fun…👍💪


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