Setting Up My Kindergarten Classroom [Trapezoid Tables]


My classroom comes with 8 trapezoid tables.

My goal was to have 2 tables to use at chair height for small group instruction, and then 6 tables to seat 30+ students at floor/kneeling level for whole group “table” activities && eating [snacks and lunch].

  1.  I initially put 3 tables in 2 rows on each side of the SMARTboard.
  2. A large trapezoid with a diamond in the middle.
  3. 2 large triangles.
  4. Now we have 3 small hexagons.


With the lower half of the table legs removed and tennis balls on the remaining table leg, the floors are protected && it is very easy to move the tables when needed.  We slide them apart when we need more seating space and can slide them together for more floor space and for ease of cleaning.  The lower tables enable students to quickly & easily collaborate at table activities and have also provided a platform for block play.  Sometimes we use small step-stools at the floor tables, but many students are comfortable sitting or kneeling around these tables.

When students feel like sitting at chair height, we have a small group/teacher table with chairs.  && There is a table with chairs at the art centre as well.

There is a growing body of research that reflects the important benefits of alternative seating in classrooms.  Giving the students choice to move, lay down, sit or stand when playing and learning creates a comfortable space for all students.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on setting up tables/desks/seating please feel welcome to share in the comments section!



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