Treaty Education in Kindergarten


Today I am sharing a UBD plan, that was co-created with a friend && former colleague of mine, Kayla Schaefer.  At the time she was teaching Kindergarten and I was teaching Grade 1-2 and we developed this plan to be multi-grade and multidisciplinary introduction to an Indigenous worldview and Treaty Education for our young learners.

As we co-taught this unit we noticed our K-2 students were very engaged, learning cooperatively, and able to represent their learning and insights in a variety of ways. Interest from teachers from within our school division led to the modelling of lessons and sharing of this resource.  As a treaty catalyst, and an educator who is passionate about incorporating Indigenous content and contexts into our classrooms I am very excited to share with you our UBD Plan K-2TreatyEdUnit which also includes examples of student learning && instructional resources.  AND here is the link to the OTC Treaty Teacher Wikispace SMARTboard Activities, which includes technological resources relevant to the unit.


This year, I chose to revisit this unit in my Kindergarten class.  This unit is a great starting point for Treaty Education in primary classrooms, and I was able to use it as a guide then adapt it to more specifically address the Kindergarten Treaty Education outcomes and indicators;; particularly

SIK2: Express personal connectedness to nature and one another (e.g., Circle of Life, seasons, elements, weather, families, and relatives).

HCK3: Explore the connection all people have to the land as expressed through stories, traditions, and ceremonies.

TPPK4: Examine the intent of different kinds of promises.

These are some of the highlights of our learning, shared on my Twitter (@mstinyteacher)– follow me && stay tuned as we continue to learn about PROMISES!




2 thoughts on “Treaty Education in Kindergarten

    • The Legend I like to use is….
      The Legend of Weesakayjack – First Nation Legend – How North America came to be

      P.S. I apologize for the reduced readability of the font; && thank you for your interest in my blog!


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